How we nurture our skin changes in the same way as we do.
Cosmetics and their formulas also undergo a change,
so do our habits.Since cosmetics are one thing and habits are the other, we have decided to take care of both.
This is how _Element was created - to look
at skin care from a different perspective.
We saw the most common ingredients in the new light, and
we dilligently studied and learned how to use the rare ones.
We are here for you - the discoverers, and we do like
this word - a discoverer.
Sometimes it's about breaking the pattern, trying something unusual or using a given cosmetic in a new way. Treating a night cream as a mask, and a hair conditioner like a shaving foam.
By means of _Element we would also like to
remind you that the most important part is the formula, that is
the content of active ingredients, not the price tag.
You don’t need to travel across the world to make a discovery.

It is this element of discovery that makes the ordinary incredible, and the faraway just within reach.

Discover _Element

Cosmetics with an cress sprout extract

Cosmetics with an snail slime filtrate

Cosmetics with an snake venom analogue