Is your skin exposed to pollution and harmful external factors?

Pollutants contained in the air, have a negative impact on the condition of our skin and hair. Smog, exhaust fumes and dust have the most negative effect. Contamination gathering on our skin makes it dry and rough. Thus damaged skin's protective barier results in its irritation and redness. Harmful substances in the air also cause oxidative stress, which accelerates skin's aging processes. Apart from external weather conditions, also indoor artificial light, air conditioning and heating systems have a similar effect on our skin. We spend most of our working day inside the buildings where blows of hot and cold air dry our hair, face and hands. Artificial light makes not only our eyes red and burning, but also the skin, although we tend to forget about it.

Cress sprout extract

Active Ingredient - CRESS SPROUT EXTRACT

Probably you have not heard of using this ingredient in cosmetics yet, have you? It is unique because not only does it cleanse the skin of impurities, but also protects it from their absorption! It is possible because cress activates enzymes responsible for the disposal of toxins from the skin, as well as those facilitating the production of substances that protect it from the harmful effects of free radicals.

Effects in cosmetics

– cleanses the skin and protects it from the absorption of impurities
– lightens skin discolouration and pigmentation spots

Ingredient type

Substance of vegetable origin.

Have you noticed the first signs of aging, loss of firmness and elasticity of your skin?

Signs of aging appear when our skin begins to lose collagen, i.e. protein, which is responsible for its firmness and elasticity. This happens very early, in fact, as soon as you turn 25. Stimulants, stress, excessive exposure to sun radiation - these are just a few to name of the factors that accelerate this process. What is important, it is not only the face that gets older, but also the skin of the neck, head or hands. Discolouration or pale and grey skin may be accounted for some of these symptoms. In the beginning these are ordinary mimic wrinkles, which are a result of frowning, squinting and smiling. The epidermis on hands becomes thinner, revealing the network of blood vessels and contours of individual bones.

Snail slime filtrate

Active Ingredient - snail slime filtrateActive Ingredient - snail slime filtrate

Snail secretion, although it may seem to be a strange ingredient, is a unique cosmetic discovery. Currently, it is mainly used in Asia, but due to its effectiveness and multi-functionality it is becoming more and more popular in Europe. Not only does it protect the skin from damage, but also accelerates its regeneration. It regulates skin hydration status and makes the complexion radiant and firm. Stimulates the production of substances important for skin elasticity, such as collagen and elastin. It has also been proven that it has an antibacterial effect. What is very important, in the _Element line of cosmetics , we have used the filtrate of snail secretion, which is the richest form in which this ingredient exists and the most beneficial for the skin.

Effects in cosmeticsEffects in cosmetics

– regenerates and moisturizes the skin
– accelerates the healing of wounds and damaged skin
– enhances skin elasticity and density

Ingredient typeIngredient type

Substance of animal origin.

Do you have mature skin with visible wrinkles?

The problems of mature skin affect every woman at some point. They are manifested mainly by the loss of firmness, reduced skin elasticity and visible wrinkles. There is no specific age limit after which the skin becomes mature because the signs of aging are highly dependent on genetic, hormonal and environmental factors. One of the main problems of mature skin is an increasing number of deep wrinkles, not only around the eyes and lips, but also in the cheeks and forehead. Mimic wrinkles appear as a result of muscle contraction, when we express our emotions through the movement of eyebrows, squinting or smiling. Mature skin, apart from furrows and deep lines, also tends to show other shortcomings. The oval of the face becomes irregular, the skin beneath the eyes becomes saggy and you get drooping mouth corners. There are also visible so-called "hog jowls:", or drooping skin on the line of jaws. Nasolabial furrows deepen. Horizontal furrows become more conspicuous in the neck.

Snake venom analogue

Active Ingredient - Snake venom analogue

Who has not heard of Botox? This treatment consists in injecting small doses of toxin into the wrinkles, which paralyzes the muscles responsible for facial contractions, which in turn reduces the visibility of wrinkles. Snake venom analogue, i.e. the substance obtained in the laboratory, based on the model of that contained in real venom, which has been used as an active ingredient in the _Element cosmetics series has a similar effect. Not only does it smoothen the skin, but also visibly reduces the wrinkles.

Effects in cosmetics

– reduces wrinkles
– smoothes the skin
– improves the face oval

Ingredient type

Substance of synthetic origin.

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