The viper venom analog is a synthetic ingredient, modeled on the natural substance contained in the venom of the temple viper, i.e. the SYN-AKE peptide with a botox-like effect. It works by blocking the receptors on the surface of the muscle cells and stopping them from contracting. The mimic muscles move several thousand times in a row: while talking, expressing emotions, and even while sleeping. The consequence of this is the appearance of wrinkles on the face. The viper venom analog contributes to the shallowing and smoothing of wrinkles appearing in the facial area and makes the skin relaxed. The supporting component of the series is a retinol derivative that enhances the regenerating effect.

The origin of the analog
viper venom

The cosmetic substrate is a peptide obtained from Temple Viper, Tropidolaemus Waglerrin, a snake found in Malaysia.

Viper venom analog
in cosmetology

In cosmetology synthetic derivatives of a tripeptide mimicking the action of a toxin are used, the molecules of which are able to neutralize skin micro-contractions through the effect of imitating the action of viper venom. Their main advantage is blocking muscle contraction and not paralysis, thanks to which these preparations do not hinder facial expressions.