Viper venom analogue for wrinkles


This series will take care of your face. We have developed 5 cosmetics corresponding to a given care need with a viper venom analogue.

Viper venom analogue for wrinkles

For whom?

For people over 25, in whom the aging process of the skin is significantly accelerated and the first wrinkles appear on their face. Our creams will work well in the case of rich facial expressions particularly exposed to the formation of mimic wrinkles. They appear as furrows or flaccid skin under the eyes and around the mouth.

For whom?
How to use?

How to use?

Every day, as a comprehensive face care that moisturizes and protects the skin against UV radiation during the day, and replenishes nutrients and reduces wrinkles at night.


anti-wrinkle face cream with viper venom analogue for the day

viper venom analog + SPF 10

anti-wrinkle face cream with viper venom for the night

viper venom analog + encapsulated UV filters

eye and lip contour cream

viper venom analog + cottonseed oil

cleansing tonic

viper venom analog

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Components of the series

Viper venom analog

Leading ingredient

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Algae Extract

The skin under the eyes is the thinnest and does not have a natural lipid barrier, which is why we notice the first wrinkles and signs of fatigue in this area. Shallow vascularization additionally causes ugly bruising, i.e. bags under the eyes. Sea algae extract is a rich source of iodine and amino acids that cleanse the skin of excess red pigment (heme), restoring its natural color and firmness.


It is a more durable form of retinol, which quickly reacts with air, oxidizes and is difficult to "enclose" it in cosmetics. After the application of Retinyl Palmitate, it is transformed in the skin into retinol, i.e. vitamin A. Deficiency of this vitamin leads to the formation of wrinkles, which are best reduced at night. That is why the ingredient was included in the composition of the night cream.


Known as the "liquid gold of Morocco", argan oil is perfect for mature skin. Firms, improves elasticity, reduces scars and smoothes wrinkles.

 Air-less packaging

Air-less packaging

In all _Element creams, we used air-less packaging that limits the access of oxygen to the cosmetic mass. Thanks to this, the cream mass does not come in contact with the hands, microorganisms do not develop in it, and there is no oxidation of active ingredients.

The air-less system does not have a tube - the cream is vacuumed in a hygienic way, so before first use, the pump should be pressed several times. If the cream does not come out, you can try to tighten it a little.