Plant taurine


The first vegan series of cosmetics for comprehensive care for men by _Element. The active ingredient is based on energizing and fully ecological plant taurine obtained from Jania Rubens algae. It stimulates collagen production and stimulates cells, preventing the appearance of wrinkles and supporting skin regeneration. We have enriched the recipes with a highly moisturizing tara tree extract and a stable form of vitamin C with anti-wrinkle properties. The characteristic male fragrance with notes of oakmoss, fruit and jasmine will be a great companion during the next stages of discovering the world!

The origin of Plant Taurine

Taurine is widely known as a stimulant to act ingredient in energy drinks. It can also be found as an amino acid found in our tissues: it supports heart contractions, regenerates muscles, and affects the proper functioning of the brain. The beneficial effects of taurine have recently also been used in cosmetics thanks to Early Boost, a natural essence obtained from red algae. The skin needs energy at any age, which is why our ingredient has been included in the entire series of Element body care products.


Taurine is used in cosmetics mainly for its rejuvenating properties. It stimulates fibroblasts, which produce collagen valuable for the skin, responsible for skin firmness and elasticity. Taurine additionally protects the skin against the harmful effects of free radicals, which accelerate the aging process, which is why it is most often added to anti-wrinkle cosmetics.