Basil Root Extract


Ocimum basilicum root extract is a natural, ecological active ingredient obtained through an innovative biotechnological method used so far mainly in pharmacy. Clinical studies have shown that it significantly reduces hair loss in women and men suffering from androgenetic alopecia (the most common type of hair loss), and also causes their thickening. Additionally, thanks to the content of keratin, argan oil, silk and AHA acids, it has a conditioning and strengthening effect on the hair and scalp.

The origin of basil

Basil is a plant whose beneficial properties were known in antiquity, and many ancient civilizations considered it a "royal herb" and a cure for various ailments. As the main ingredient of our cosmetics, we chose a natural and ecological extract of basil hair roots, which is obtained using a biotechnological method, mainly used in pharmacy. Ocimum Basilicum extract not only nourishes the hair and prevents hair loss, but also strengthens the structure of the scalp.

Our bestseller

Proper hair care also requires thorough and regular cleansing of the scalp. Trichological peeling helps to unblock pores and remove callous epidermis. In this way, cosmetic residues and other impurities remaining in the hair follicles are removed. The peeling contains AHA fruit acids, including glycolic acid, which has the smallest particles of all AHA acids, thanks to which it easily penetrates deep into the skin without irritating it. Thanks to the basil content, the cosmetic not only nourishes the hair and prevents it from falling out, but also strengthens the structure of the scalp.