Snail slime filtrate

Snail Secretion Filtrate

The filtrate is the lightest and richest form of snail slime, which is the source of e.g. collagen, elastin or proteins responsible for the proper hydration and elasticity of the skin. It stimulates the renewal and regeneration of the skin, increasing its resistance to aging processes and making it look younger and more refreshed. Our cosmetics contain up to 84% of pure snail slime filtrate. The filtrate is collected periodically in a non-invasive manner which does not adversely affect the health of these animals. The supporting ingredients of the series are retinol and panthenol that rebuild the skin and algae extract with a soothing effect.

The origin Snail slime filtrate

It all started with a random observation. A doctor in Chile was surprised by the smooth hands of his father, who was doing heavy physical work in snail farming. He linked it to the mucus secreted by mollusks. His claim was confirmed by subsequent cases. People working with snails could boast of smooth skin, and scars and small wounds healed extremely quickly. Dermatological studies have been carried out that led us all the way here. Today, the snail slime filtrate of the species Helix Aspersa Muller is a desirable ingredient with clinically proven effects.

Safety of snails

In farms, the living conditions of snails reflect their natural environment. It is extremely important for the quality of the obtained mucus, because it can be used in cosmetics only when it is produced by healthy, happy and stress-free mollusks. Snail glands secrete two types of mucus: cryptosin and limosine. The latter is toxic, and the snail produces it under conditions of stress or danger. Cryptosin contains vitamins A, C, E, collagen, elastin and AHA acids, therefore its beneficial properties are appreciated in cosmetology and dermatology, and above all - our skin likes it.